Cost of Care of Patients with Uveitis

Published on February 19, 2018Author: Frances Foster

C. Stephen Foster MD Increasingly restrictive “gate keeping” policies of health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, and other medical insurance plans have created increasing pressure on ophthalmologists to be parsimonious in their use of medical services in both the diagnostic and therapeutic care of patients with a variety of medical... View Details

Did you know the Connection between Arthritis and Ocular Disease?

Published on December 12, 2017Author: Frances Foster

Connection Between Arthritis and Ocular Disease C. Stephen Foster, M.D. The eye is made up primarily of collagen, as are ligaments, tendons, and tissue within joint spaces. It is, perhaps, primarily because of this similarity in composition that the eye is often affected by many of the same diseases... View Details

Pediatric Uveitis

Published on July 11, 2017Author: C. Stephen Foster, MD

Uveitis is the third leading cause of blindness in America, and 5% to 10% of the cases occur in children under the age of 16. But Uveitis in children blinds a larger percentage of those affected than in adults, since 40% of the cases occurring in children are posterior... View Details

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