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Therapeutic Algorithm for Recurrent Anterior Non-granulomatous(e.g. HLA-B27-Associated) "Autoimmune" Uveitis

algorithm_Anterior Non-granulomatous uveitis.pdf (45.1 KB) C. Stephen Foster, M.D

Treatment Algorithm for Juvenile Idiopathic(formerly Rheumatoid) Arthritis-Associated Iridocyclitis

algorithm_JIA.pdf (41.96 KB) C. Stephen Foster, M.D.

Treatment Algorithm for Pars Planitis

algorithm_Pars-Planitis.pdf (38.17 KB) C. Stephen Foster, M.D.

Glucocorticoid - Induced Osteoporosis: Considerations in Ophthalmology

algorithm_steroid-induced_osteoporosis.pdf (66.99 KB) Rene' A. Cervantes, M.D., Leila I. Kump, M.D., Robert M. Neer, M.D., C. Stephen Foster, M.D., F.A.C.S.