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NEW Facebook Support Groups for Teens, Parents, and Adults with Uveitis/Ocular Inflammatory Disease!

Published on February 18, 2014

We invite you to join our newly created Facebook Support Groups! Uveitis and ocular inflammatory disease can be overwhelming and many patients find it helpful to speak with others who are also going through a similar situation. Below you will find links to the three groups.

OIUF Teen Support Group - This group is for teens only and is moderated by OIUF Staff and a graduate student with uveitis.

OIUF Uveitis Parent Support Group - This group is for parents of children with uveitis.

OIUF Adult Support Group for Uveitis/Ocular Inflammatory Disease - This group is for adults with uveitis and other forms of ocular inflammatory disease.

Please use this space to interact with one another as a support system. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, thoughtful manner. Members are encouraged to be clear that they are relating a personal experience. Medical advice is not given unless by a person with appropriate education. It is never appropriate to name physicians or institutions, particularly if you have complaints about your past or current care. Members are encouraged to focus on the present and to use the group for support in moving on with their care. Please also utilize our website for further support services and information.

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