The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation

My Experience with Uveitis

This page contains articles concerning living or dealing with uveitis, written by patients, friends and family members of patients. We will be uploading articles regularly. It lists stories starting with the old to new. New submissions are welcome.

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Sean's Story with Uveitis | Sean's Story 2012

Mia's Battle with Pars Planitis and Retinal Vasculitis | Mia

Kim's Story | Kim Augustine

Emmie's Story: Uveitis | Emmie 8/2009

K-Hazel's Story: Uveitis | K-Hazel 10/2008

Jocelyn's Story: Is it infectious Uveitis | Jocelyn 6/2007

Robert's Story | Robert 6/2007

Scott's Story | Scott 5/2007

Amanda's Story at 6 years old | Amanda 3/2007

A wife's Perspective | Betti 11/2005

Lydia's Story | Lydia 11/2005

My Vision Problem from Blindness to reading the Newspaper | Bob 8/2005

My Experience and Cure of Scleritis | Helen 8/2005

Jessie's Journal of Three different Cases and Experiences of Uveitis | Jessie 5/2005

Peggy B's Story and Request for Help | Peggy B. 1/2005

Pauline's follow up to her 6/2003 Story | Pauline 12/2004

Katie's Story and Request for help | Katie 8/2003

Pauline's Story and Request for help | Pauline 6/2003

Kayla's Story and Request for help by Mom, Sheila | Sheila and Kayla 3/2003

Jennifer's story - She'd like to hear from you! | Jennifer 3/2003

Patrice is Grateful | Patrice 2/2003

Nora's Experience | Nora 1/2003

Rachels' Story and request for help! | Jill (her Mom) 12/02

Help Needed | Jane 11/2002

My Experience with Uveitis | Darren 10/2002

My Experience with Uveitis | Mary 9/2002

My Ongoing Experience with Uveitis | Christine 9/2002

My Experience with Uveitis | Nikki 8/2002

My Life with Uveitis | Paula 6/2002

Diagnosed with Uveitis at Age 11 and How that has Effected My Life | Frances 8/2001

Lee's Grateful Experience with Uveitis | Lee 8/2001

An Adolescent's Journey with Uveitis | Emily 7/2001

A Father's Perspective on his Daughter's Uveitis | Glenn (Father of Demi) 6/2001

Brian's Experience with Pars Planitis | Kelli (Brian's Mom) 3/2001

A Child's Experience with Uveitis | Demi 3/2001

My Experience with Uveitis | Alyse Martin 2/2001

My Experience with Idiopathic Uveitis: A Parent's Perspective | Mary Herden 12/2000

My Experience with Idiopathic Uveitis: A Personal Account | L. 11/7/2000

My Experience with Uveitis: A Personal Account | Rita Bazely 8/1998

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