The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation

Collaborate in Research

If you are a physician in the Greater Boston area and have a patient who you feel would be a good fit for one of our studies, we gladly welcome your referrals!  In this case, patients would be seen by the Principal Investigator here at MERSI while you remain their primary ophthalmologist.  Once the study concludes, their care will be transferred back to you, along with copies of our study documentation. 

Keeping abreast of other ongoing research projects is essential to successful treatment of our patients.  If you are conducting a research study in which you feel many of our patients may be eligible, please let us know so we can connect our patients with the most progressive options available.

As we are all dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants, we welcome collaborative research ideas and efforts.  Feel free to contact Dr. Foster directly at for more information and input.

Patient Referrals, Study Updates, and Requests for Collaborations can be directed towards:

Andrew Stephenson
Tel: 781-647-1431 ext 401  Email

Alyssa Montieth
Tel: 781-647-1431 ext 402  Email